Class 8 Assignments

Project 1. CSS Typeface

Over spring break, complete your character set (A–Z upper and/or lowercase, 0–9 numbers, and ?!.,;“”-— punctuation) in HTML and CSS. You might consider starting with the letters "HODNOP" or "hodnop," as this make-believe word contains all the modular elements you'll use across your alphabet. For technical guidance, please check out my class site. If any of you would like special guidance for your typeface, email me or Matt directly, and we can set something up for you.

While doing this, in the back of your mind, consider your next step: using this typeface. How will it be used? For what? For whom? What kind of information will it convey? Remember to take advantage of your context. How is your typeface specific to the screen or web? Can your typeface have multiple states? How does your typeface breathe?