Class 7 Assignments

Weekly Project — "Organism"

Make an organism. Think weird bugs, animals, and amoeba with feeding habits and environments. Also flowers, plants, trees. What is it like? Does it breathe? Does it look different in the dark? Does it respond to any other inputs (a specific time, a hover, a click, or something user-based, etc.)? Also, give it a habitat. What is its environment like? When you're done, make sure to link your organism to your class homepage.

Project 1. CSS Typeface

Create your first sketch. Show at least three different possible directions your typeface could take. (These sketches can be shown as a PDF and/or done in HTML and CSS.) Like Tauba Auerbach, you might consider choosing one specific word or phrase in your typeface to start. Remember to consider how each direction will be unique to the web browser and/or screen. Link these sketches to your class homepage.


No reading until next project!