Class 6 Assignments

Due Week 7

Weekly Project — "Slot Machine"

Using the JavaScript and jQuery you learned this week, make a "slot machine" or something that pairs at least three randomly generated components together upon page reload and/or button click. How can randomization be meaningful? Consider what types of content you put into your randomization. (Colors, words, pictures, effects, etc.?) When you’re done, remember to link your project to your class homepage.

Readings D — "Typography re: Technology"

Read the suggested readings for Project 1. CSS Typeface:

Next class, we will have a recorded conversation about them. In preparation, create at least one reading discussion question and also write a paragraph response. Email me your question before next class. Put your paragraph response on "reading-response-d.html" and remember to link it to your class homepage.

Starter conversation questions:

  • Do you have any daily practice? Why did it begin?
  • Which aspects of creative practice can be automated?
  • What will typefaces / fonts be like 50 years from now? 100 years?
  • How can randomization be meaningful?
  • What are useful approaches for an artist / designer / cultural practitioner in approaching endless potential variations?