Class 4 Assignments

Due Class 5

Weekly Project (CSS 2) — "Room"

Using only HTML and CSS, make a room or a series of rooms. Consider how the rooms or the views in one room are connected. You should use at minimum 5 different .html pages to do this. Use the CSS techniques (positioning and layout) introduced in class this past week to specify where things go. Also, consider how the room looks on a phone—should it adapt to the smaller screen size or do something different? (Use CSS media queries for this.) You might also might want to use CSS animations or transitions. When you're done, make sure to link your project to your class homepage.

Readings C — "Attention"

Read three texts:

Find a specific section of the conversation you're interested in. Copy and paste this section into your "reading-response-c.html" document, and use the appropriate HTML tags to render the text legible. Now, insert your own opinion or response by writing your name and what you'd say into the section. When you're done, make sure you link this from your class homepage.


Go through all the steps of